kitchen countertops Cape Town
Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops Cape Town


As functional as the kitchen is, it also needs to look attractive and welcoming for one to truly enjoy working within its walls kitchen countertops are some of the fittings that contribute to the overall good looks of the kitchen. Chosen right, your kitchen countertops are all you need to take your kitchen a notch higher in styling and guaranteed functionality. Cape Town kitchen outfitters offer multiple countertop options that you can consider. Finding the right combination to go with your existing kitchen design is the first step to creating a harmonized look in the kitchen.

Your kitchen countertops will be working surfaces, and you’ll use some sections to store some of your kitchen items. To withstand the heavy use that they’ll be exposed to in this room, the countertops should have some properties. Countertops that are heat resistant, stain resistant, chip resistant, and scratch resistant will maintain their good appearance and condition longer than materials that are resistant to the above. The countertop material should also be safe for food preparation to ensure that no contamination occurs when handling food on the countertop. You will also have an easier time if the countertop requires little or no maintenance, so bear this in mind when picking a countertop. Other factors that will incline your choice of kitchen countertops are budget, durability and aesthetic appeal. A small budget limits you to cheap options which may not offer the value you’re after. And while some materials are quite expensive, for e smoke marble, there are plenty of pristine alternatives that will give you a beautiful look without costing you too much.

Kitchen countertops are made from numerous materials, with traditional stone and granite still remaining the most popular countertop materials among Cape Town town homeowners. These two are without a doubt some of the finest materials you can adopt for your countertops, and not just because of their durability and hard wearing nature. They are also very aesthetically appealing and safe for food preparation uses, beating many other materials in these two aspects. But there are many other materials that are just as good and which you can opt for for a different look. Good examples are laminate, stain steel steel, recycled metal, engineered stone, wood, marble, concrete, solid and recycled glass, and bamboo. The more sensitive materials like marble and wood should be handled with care to avoid getting Ben damaged and stained due to heat and acidic spills. Materials that are non porous such as glass, stone, stainless steel, laminate and concrete are preferable for use in heavy duty kitchen areas as they have the highest resistance to staining. Of you’re worried about staining, limit use of porous materials like granite, wood and bamboo to areas don’t require heavy usage of water so that you don’t keep on treating the countertops for stains.

Add to the beauty of your kitchen with quality countertops you can buy at the top furniture stores in Cape Town. Choose from stainless steel, granite, stone, concrete, wood, bamboo, glass, or laminate kitchen countertops, all available in a range of finishes, patterns, textures and colors.

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