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Kitchen Countertops


Kitchen countertops are the most important part of every kitchen. Life in the kitchen would be much more complicated if countertops didn’t exist. They are used for putting your food and dishes on them and as well as a place to household appliances; therefore it is necessary for them to be designed from strong materials. Countertops are mostly used to chop different kinds of fruits and vegetables and otherkinds of food on them, so they must be resistant to various influences, especially water. Given that they are the most used surface in the kitchen, they have to be easy to clean.The most commonly used materials for making countertops are wood, laminate, granite slabs, stainless steel and glass.

Wooden countertops are refined and mostly used in the kitchen. In case that you have some elements of glass or stainless steel, wood will be a perfect matchfor them and it will provide warmth to the kitchen. They are easy to clean and combine with any design. Wooden countertops,in spite of the numerous flaws, never got out of the trend;on the contrary their popularity increases every year. You canuse wood for all surfaces except the one next to the sink.Because of the proximity of the water it is not recommended to place them in this part. You should always take care of their cleanliness and clean them regularly to avoid stains on them.

Laminate is one of the cheapest materials for kitchen countertops and it is very easy to maintain. It is an unusual material since it can imitate other materials, thus it can easily fit into any kitchen design. Countertops made of laminate are easy to clean. Countertops made of laminate are available in a variety of colors and designs. If you make a scratch on the countertop don’t worry because it can be easily replaced with another one in just a few minutes.

Granite countertops are probably the best solution for the kitchen because they are very resistant to water, and stains are not visible on them. Unlike wooden and laminate countertops, heat and water can’t damage its structure.Granite countertop is resistant to high temperatures as well as to scratches.

If you want to have a kitchen similar to the well-known restaurants then the countertops made of stainless steel are the right choice for you. Although quite expensive, their characteristics justify their price. They are very hygienic and easy to clean;you can even clean them with a wet cloth. Steel is resistant to heat and water, so they can be placed around the sink and around the stove. Countertops made of stainless steel will fit perfectly in any kitchen.However, as time passes and after prolonged use they may lose the luster, which will affect their durability. Special care should be taken because they are prone to scratches.

A huge number of kitchens nowadays use glass countertops. Glass is easily adapted to all surfaces and,thanks to its transparency, it will make the space seem larger. If you are very pedantic you can opt for glass, because it requires frequent cleaning to prevent stains. Otherwise, you can opt for some other type of material for the countertop, which we have already mentioned.

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