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Cooking was always meant to be a pleasurable task. When working in a well lit, well organized kitchen, you don’t notice how quickly the minutes roll by as everything is where it should be and this makes moving around easy. Add an attractive decor and you have every reason to make the kitchen your favourite room in the home. Whether your kitchen has an odd looking 90s look or has modern touches here and there but is not quite there yet, you will enjoy transforming it using these modern kitchen designs. They are all the rage in the UK and are growing even more popular by the day.

Add a pop of colour to break the monotony of neutral colours on surfaces. A right yellow, orange, green, or red will give your kitchen the boost of colour it needs to look invigorating and refreshing. Best places to add colour are door knobs, kitchen stools-paint them anew or get a new, brightly coloured set, light fixtures, and part of the ceiling. Another way to incorporate the bright kitchen design is to paint one of your walls or part of it in a bright colour of your choice.

As the kitchen becomes more and more interactive, it needs to be more opened up to give a welcoming look. One of the most exciting modern kitchen designs involves turning the kitchen into an open space with plenty of light. You can do this in a number of ways. One is increasing the filtration of natural light into the kitchen, either by using  sheers on your windows or getting rid of drapes altogether. You can also add a skylight or roof window to let in more natural light. Another way is by turning your kitchen window into a full-height window. If your kitchen faces a nice view, consider breaking down the wall facing this target view and replacing it with glass or glass doors. Now you have something to look at for inspiration as your pot boils or better yet, walk out there for some fresh air as you wait for the meal to get ready.

Modern kitchen designs are increasingly becoming minimalist, with fewer furniture and more free floor space. Handleless cabinets bring out this look well and give your kitchen a sleek look. Glass wall cabinets are also part of the modern kitchen designs now dotting kitchens across the nation. It can be empty behind the glass or you can display items and collections you don’t mind showing off. They go well with both retro and contemporary styles and are a great way to give your kitchen extra style. Adding a bit of retro charm to the kitchen is a great way to make your kitchen look different in a very agreeable way. Whether you display an antique clock on the wall, arrange retro bar stools around the island, place a retro kitchen at the centre of the room, or paint part of your kitchen in a retro color like teal blue, you will love how the mix of new and old plays out in the kitchen.

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