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Rustic kitchen inspired by the mountain look can easily fit into any kind of style. Pleasant atmosphere of kitchen coated in wood will have a positive effect on your mood and will give you an additional reason to spend more time in your kitchen. Preparing food in the rustic kitchen will no longer be your commitment, because you will enjoy spending some more time in the natural area of your kitchen.

Rustic kitchens are always in fashion and they represent a gathering place for the family members, because they are full of warmth and they are characterized by a special charm. They are very unique and they carry the characteristics of the old times, so you can see the shelves and glass cabinets in gentle and neutral colors filled with coffee cups or glassware, which give additional retro charm. Spending time in rustic kitchen awakens memories of nature and rural life in a man due to natural materials from which it is made.Rustic kitchen is full of small details and decorations. Crocheted curtains are placed on the windows and crocheted tablecloths on the tables. Curtains usually cover only parts of the kitchen window.

The kitchen floor and walls require your maximum attention, as all the other elements in your kitchen will depend of them – style, the materials and the design. Rustic kitchens are special because they make you feel like you are in the nature; they bring you peace and freshness. That is why the best option for the kitchen flooring is hardwood flooring with a natural, not glossy,finish. You can opt for several types of wood, such as: cherry, alder and hickory, but for the complete indulgence it is best to make pine flooring. Pine is a very durable material so you will not have any kind of problems with it, while the knots in the pine are always a plus and will enchant everyone who sees your rustic style kitchen even more.

If you have decided to go with pine flooring you can also cover the walls and ceiling in pine. To make it even classier you can add stone elements in the kitchen, or even cover the walls in stone instead of wood. If it is too much for you to cover the walls with stone, you can choose to make stone countertops or even the sink, which will perfectly fit in. You can use any natural material and it will look flawless, because rustic style is all about the nature.

When you start choosing the accessories for the kitchen, choose wisely, because they can make or break the design of your kitchen. Wooden cabinets and a wooden kitchen island is always a plus. You can paint them in any color which will fit with other elements. Adding a hanging iron pot rack over the kitchen island will improve the look of your rustic kitchen even more. Natural elements in the kitchen, such as wood and stone, are making inviting atmosphere and will make your kitchen look warm and cozy.

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