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Traditional Kitchen Interiors in South Africa


Kitchens have in recent times been thrown into the limelight, with them becoming the central focus in homes. As home owners move to entertaining more in the kitchen, adopting a defined layout and design for your kitchen becomes important. The charm of traditional kitchens never fades. Instead, it seems to have made a resurgence in many homes in South Africa. Its homey, welcoming look will add warmth to any home. If you are considering this look, here is a basic guideline on traditional kitchen interiors to help you get the perfect looking traditional kitchen.

Traditional kitchens focused on nature and incorporated a lot of natural elements. This should be the approach you use as well. If possible, use only natural materials on your surfaces, or at least as many of them as you can. This means wooden cupboards and cabinets, stone or wooden floors, wooden ceiling beams, and granite countertops. Marble and stone are other top materials you can use for a purely traditional look. The other major thing about traditional kitchen interiors is that they are detailed, unlike modern kitchen designs. Use patterns on surfaces like the floor, walls, and curtains. You can mix two or more patterns for the eclectic look that is synonymous with traditional kitchens. When choosing patterns for your surfaces, go for those touching on nature rather than abstract and geometric patterns. This is in keeping with the natural look of a traditional kitchen. Leaf, flower, fruit, plant, and animal motifs make excellent traditional kitchen patterns. Use these.

The other major defining characteristic in traditional kitchen furniture is color. This style entails uses of soft colors as opposed to bright, screaming or dull ones. Soft blues, greens, grays, taupe, creams, browns and pastels will create the right traditional atmosphere. Colors to avoid include bright yellows, reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. Use different textures around the kitchen, which you can layer for a great look. Avoid using streamlined shapes and designs as these are not representative of traditional kitchens. This look thrives on ornate detailing so use this in plenty. Every opportunity you get to feature an intricately designed cabinet door or handle, use it. It will build up and add to the look.

A number of kitchen specialists in South Africa have the accessories needed to create the perfect traditional kitchen. Look around their stores to see which fittings you can add to your kitchen. Some have fitted traditional kitchens, which come with everything in place already. All you have to do is select your preferred layout and palette. This second option is a good option if you want a total overhaul of your kitchen. When you want to retain some aspects of the existing kitchen but add components that give a traditional feel, buying the bits and odds you need individually is the best strategy to use.

Traditional kitchen interiors have an appealing charm that’s hard to ignore. Get this look in your kitchen with the right traditional fittings and accessories from the top furniture shops in South Africa.

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